家内は今日もジムのIさんのリハビリを受ける / 私はコアとエアロで楽しむ。 / 一歩間違えば、私はこの世に存在していない出来事を三つ





Good evening fellow members and welcome guest.
Do you know “007(Double O Seven), you only live twice.”?

In my case, I only live three times.
In Japanese, “私は三度生きる”.
Tonight, I would like to talk about my experiences “I only live three times”.

Our starting point which exists in this real world began from a miracle.
I was born in 19xx.
It was the probability of 1/hundreds of millions.
And I have overcome many barriers and have been living till today.

However, I had three experiences whether I was in this world, by the gap of timing.
(I had three experiences that I barely escaped death, by the gap of timing.)
Even now, I remember it vividly.

The first:
I was walking in the mountain with my friends on the summer vacation of the third grader in an elementary school.
I didn’t notice the old well under much long grass and many withered branches, and I was almost falling into the old well.
Fortunately I was saved barely with only one withered branch.
And then all my friends pulled up me in a hurry.
I shudder only by remembering the incident.
If the withered branch was thin at that time, ・・・・・.
If my weight was heavy at that time, ・・・・・.
This is the first experience that God helped me.

The second:
When I was the fifth grader in an elementary school, I got interested in a rocket and was playing rocket play in the yard of my house using collar material such as celluloid and gasoline together with my friends.
I stuffed collar material such as celluloid into the metal sacks of pencils, placed it on the cloth into which gasoline soaked, lighted the rocket, and had flown the rocket.
This rocket flew into the distance very well. 
However, accidentally I kicked away the bottle containing gasoline on foot, and ignited to the gasoline which fell, and then I had been wrapped in the big flame.
Fortunately, the junior high school student who passed by extinguished fire in a hurry.
I was able to make it secret to my parents, without burning my house.
I shudder only by remembering the incident.
If gasoline soaked into my clothes at that time, ・・・・.
This is the second experience that God helped me.

The third:
When I was a university student, when returning from my friend's house at midnight by car, I had dozed off, while driving a car.
When I noticed “Ha!”, I was running on the opposite lane.
Fortunately, since there were few cars at midnight and the width of the road was wide comparatively, I was saved.
The next instant, I awoke and my heart throbbed.
I shudder only by remembering the incident.
If the dump truck was coming to the opposite lane at that time, ・・・・.
This is the third experience that God helped me.

And I am standing here now. Yes, I am alive now.
I was born by the probability of 1/hundreds of millions, and I am alive, overcoming various difficulties.
This is a miracle.

Japanese men's life expectancy is about 80 years old, so I will live positively anyhow for at least 20 years.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Let's lead pleasant life positively.