Good evening fellow members ( and welcome guests).

There are many hypothetical stories in our life.
For example,
If Cleopatra's nose was somewhat low, probably, the history in the world might have been changed.
If Oda Nobunaga was not killed by Akechi Mitsuhide, probably, the history of Japan might have been changed. And maybe we are not here.
If Fukushima nuclear power plant fell into meltdown completely without cooling water, probably, all people of Kanto area might have had to evacuate to other areas, or all Japan might have fallen into meltdown.

Ladies and gentlemen!
The word "if" is hidden in our life.
We are here now.
It is realized by the results of having repeated selections of the word "if".
That is, I may consider the following.
“Since I chose that selection at that time, I am here now.
If I made other selection at that time, what happened to me?”
Have you ever thought like this?

I’m not going to use "TA-RA" and "RE-BA", but I may use it so much.
For example,
When my salary was low, if I had found a good job at another company at that time, I・・・.
When I had a quarrel with my wife, if I had married another very kind woman at that time, I・・・・・.

However, if the word "if" is used for the past talk, it will become pitiable or miserable.

On the other hand,
If the word "if" is used for the future talk, this will be considered positively.
That is, in order to lead in the good direction, the word "if" may be used so much.

When I was a development engineer, in order to lead the development to a success, I used the word "if" flow chart positively in the situation analysis and in the simulation.

Or I may do the simulation using the word "if" positively, in order to make my future life more wonderful.
If I use the word "if" flow chart when considering which direction I should choose, I can choose one direction, being convinced.
Even if it is wrong.

We die some day.
I would like to progress toward the big target of life which can be regarded as wonderful for myself, going here and there like a pendulum.
At the positive selection, the result will be up.
On the other hand, at the negative selection, the result will be down.

I am working now, and I am trying to increase my pleasure of life more.

And I would like to control the word “if simulation and increase positive "if" selection.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Let’s use the future word “if” ,not the past word “if”!
I would like to utilize the TMC as one tool which makes my second life fruitful.
And I would like to do the best I can.